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Re: Tux Paint 0.9.12 released

On Fri 22 August 2003 23:02, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> Hi,
> For anyone who is chomping at the bit to try the new tuxpaint, prerelease
> sid/unstable packages are available at:
> 	http://people.debian.org/~synrg/tuxpaint/tmp/
> If all you want is the latest tuxpaint and are not interested in testing
> the prereleases and giving me feedback, please do not download.

About the best feedback I can give is that I can't find any problems with the 
packages.  I just had to upgrade to libpng12-0  Many thanks!

> On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 03:35:39AM -0700, Bill Kendrick wrote:
> > A new version Tux Paint, an open source drawing program for young
> > children, has been released.  (Source only, so far...  new Debian
> > packages should be available soon!)

My kids love Tux Paint, so thanks guys!


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