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Re: PTS News & DebianEdu's future

Le Sat, Jan 25, 2003 at 07:07:24PM +0100, Petter Reinholdtsen écrivait:
> A single-desktop CD image would be the focus of another Debian
> sub-project (debian-desktop).  No need to have that focus in

I meant of course a desktop configuration but only with
education-related applications. This is what is/was the initial
Debian-Education we did here in France.

> debian-edu.  And having a specific goal and a limited focus in
> debian-edu will not stop anyone from making modifications to make it
> easier to use debian-edu in new and interesting ways.

Agreed, but those modifications should be accepted under the umbrella
"Debian-Edu" and not be kept as separate forks ... even if they are
maintained separately internally.

> everything.  If it is to include everything, it is the Debian project,
> not a sub-project.

Bah, everything "education-related" fits with my view of Debian-Edu.

> A limited goal will make it easier for everyone to pull in the same
> direction, and will produce a better result.  When the initial goal is

Not everyone want to follow an imposed direction.

> I believe we must choose one goal at the time, and work together to
> get there.  This will not block anyone from working on their goals,
> but it will get more people working on the same goal.

Ok, I think we agree on the concept but we have problems expressing it
with words that satisfy our meaning.

> already present.  All that is needed is for someone to spend the time
> to find, choose, configure and tune among the 9000 packages in Debian.

You're optimistic :-)

> Some packages are still missing in Debian and need to be packaged, but
> this is the minority.

Minority that I didn't even manage to get rolling ... I don't know
many people who packaged a new app (listed on the wiki) because of

> Hm, I guess I should stop here.  This is long enough now.  Is this
> something more people would want to work on, or should debian-edu move
> in another direction.

This is definitely something that I want to see. I have no problem with
making it priority one since it includes 95% of the work to make the
single education desktop CD that I'd like to have (just to be able to
provide a version two here for the french schools who already use the
first version). :)

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