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Re: intro, new guy

anthony posts :

>> embodies  the  spirit  of   Freedom,  Community  and  Sharing  that
>> initially drew me to OSS in the first place

Freedom, Community and Sharing are the ideals taught to us by the Free
Software Movement aka the GNU Project (http://www.gnu.org/) started by
Richard Stallman in the year 1984.  The Open Source Initiative started
in 1997 and  it does not say anything about  the ethical values.  Link
up at http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-software-for-freedom.html and
hope this would help you more.

Initially  the  Debian  Project   was  funded  by  the  Free  Software
Foundation but of late Debian  is seen as drifting towards Open Source
values,  mainly  in the  direction  of commercial/business  interests.
Commercial/business interests have not interest in forging a community
and upholding  ethical values,  they just want  to keep  the community
divided and helpless.

Do read our mass memo to the Govt. of Kerala regarding the use of Free
Software in our education system for the IT@School Project at the link

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