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Italc-rlp (Version für Rheinlandpfalz)


auf der internationalen Debian-Edu-Entwicklerliste [1] hat Klaus
Knopper im Januar die Lage von Italc folgendermaßen beschrieben:

> italc-rlp uses the same mecahnism and packaging as italc. So, this is
> probably also no big deal, though the key installation mechanism could
> be more elaborated. italc-rlp at http://rp.skolelinux.de/packages/italc/ .
> Since the original italc in Debian is kind of abandoned and italc2 is,
> as far as I know, not near to be usable, we made a fork of italc that
> contains our addons, which are examination mode and observer
> notifications plus a "loose interface" with cipux for internet access
> and examinee account management. Our package contains the necessary
> Conflicts: fields in order to just replace italc by italc-rpl cleanly,
> and works fine with Skolelinux as well as plain Debian. We also have a
> source patch of italc-rlp vs. italc, so it's quite easy to create
> italc-rlp from italc using a diff.

Patrick Winnertz, der das Debian-Paket von Italc pflegt, schreibt:

> A new italc version 1.0.13 is waiting for a upload as soon as squeeze is 
> released. A upload before makes no sense. Squeeze has to live with the older 
> version 1.0.9 . 

Eine Anfrage von Giacomo Trovato im November zur Installation von 
Italc blieb auch auf der internationalen Liste unbeanwortet.

Vielleicht schaust du dir mal die Pakete an von italc-rlp an,
eine Dokumentation habe ich dazu noch nicht gesehen.

1 - http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2011/01/msg00078.html

Viel Erfolg,

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