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Re: future of debian-edu

[Gerhard Prade]
> should i search for money, for people for developing? what can i do?

[Andreas Tille]
> According to my experience finding people who do some work for money
> is not really successful.

It depends a lot on how it is done, but it can create problems in a
volunteer-driven project.  The Skolelinux project have hired people to
work on the project in the past (for example Knut Yrvin and Nina
Sundqvist on PR, Joey Hess on debian-installer, Andreas Schuldei on
community work), and might do it in the future.  It was mostly done to
get someone to do tasks that was hard to get volunteers to do, because
it had to be done during work ours.

The project also need money to pay for development gatherings (travel,
lodging and food, mostly), and thus very much welcome monetary funding
of the project.  See
<URL: http://www.linuxiskolen.no/slxdebianlabs/donations.html > for
instructions on how to donate money.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen
Board leader of SLX Debian Labs and system architect of Skolelinux / Debian Edu

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