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Debian Lenny and italc

Hello all,

i try to install italc on debian lenny with kde4. italc works fine but it works only as a userprocess. i search a lot of maillist, dokus, howtos but didnt find any. how can i start itac (ica) at startup as root, so the user cannot kill the italc process? If i try to start it as root i get the "can not access the X server" or so, but i dont want export every time the Xautority from the user, because we have a lot of users. First tries with export Xaut..... dont work.

i edit /etc/kde4/kdm/Xstartup
and wrote at the end

killall ica
/etc/bin/ica &

killall doesnt work, kdm dont start at boot so i need to uncomment it (#killall ica)

Then i get only a connection between master and client, if the user locks in. Not like in Windows where i can see the lockin screen on the italcmaster. Further the user can kill the italkprocess.
What can i do?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english..

Best wishes, Gerhard
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