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CipuX Meeting 2007-06-11 Monday 20:00h CET


Today was #cipux meeting! We had a lot of news from the Linux Tag as well as
some Information of the Work on CipuxPHP.

The Summary can be viewed at:


There will be a next #cipux meeting on 2007-06-11 (Monday) at 20:00h CET.
We will talk probably about some interesting topics, like

    *      Preceding of CipUX (XavierOswald)
    *      Weekly Report on CipuxPHP (JeanCharlesSiegel & ChristopheGoessen)
    *      Userselfadmin (ChristianKuelker)
    *      CipUX 3.2.16 under sarge (Sebiastian Friedel)
    *      CipUX Build server Migration (JuergenLeibner)

See the hole agenda under:


Please feel free to add a topic if you would like to report, or if you would
like to ask something. Please feel free to join.

@Gerog Damm, how about a report on CipUX Migration tools?


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