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Testskoler: Migrating from xplanet 0.9

Dear list,

until now, xplanet 0.9 is used to render maps from our testskoler 

Since Debian Sarge, xplanet upgraded to 1.x which is a total rewrite. So 
it gets neccessary to rewrite the corresponding commands. At this step, 
the discussion is open to move to any other option:

- GeoSphere is a free java applet that is already used to render an 
interactive globe, representing our test schools. But it lacks (to my 
knowledge) any textures to make a realistic surface.

- There might be a way to render the map on the fly via PHP draw 
commands. Virtually one just has to transform (project) given 
coordinates to an apropriate background map.

- Personally, I consider another project most promising: Marble is an 
upcoming 3D globe for KDE that can also handle KML files, so it's 
possible to display placemarks:


What do you think? Anybody ready to give us a hand with this?

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