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Re: Problem, Installation Release 1.0

hey klaus :)

Am Donnerstag 08 Juli 2004 15:58 schrieb Klaus Ade Johnstad:
> Yes, there is no option in bugzilla to choose version 1.0, only the
> old prerelease(pr) and release canditates(rc), I just filed a
> bugreport agains bugzilla for this reason.
> That means you should soon be able to pick version 1.0 to bug, only
> if you make a bugreport will the problem be solved, otherwise not.

hehe, maybe we should anticipate versions 1.1 through 2.0 as well for 
bugzilla *g* - but then, we might get messages like: "2.0 not 
available" (scnr)


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