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RC1 for Debian Edu lenny 5.0.6+edu1 released


I'm very happy to announce the first release candidate (rc1) of the first 
point release (+edu1) of our Debian Edu Lenny release.

Please test these images as soon and as much as you can and report back 
feedback. As the packages itself are well tested I hope to be able to release 
_these_ images as final this sunday. Please send any feedback as reply to 
this mail, thank you!

Here are the most remarkable changes since the last test release, 5.0.4+edu0:


based on the updated 5.0.6 debian-installer, which included support for new 


several bugfixes, including fixes for Skolelinux bugs #1436, #1427, #1441, 	  
#1413, #1450 and Debian bugs #585966, #585772, #585968, #586035 and #585966 
plus several which were not filed. 
Improved Norwegian Bokmål and added Danish debconf translation. Merge new web 
pages from Squeeze. The text is the same, but it provides new translation for 
zh, compete translations for all included langauges (de es fr it nb nl ru 
zh), and a rename of the .no page to .nb to reflect the langauge used. 
Add ?ForceType to apache config, to enforce .html.nb pages to text/html and 
not application/matematica. 


Slovak translation added, updates to German, Basque, Italian, Bokmal, 
Vietnamese and Chinese translations. 


improvements to Italian, Bokmal and German translations as well as overall 


various improvements, most notably several nagios checks where added to 
monitor system health. 


fix #1435 (did not work with the LDAP host groups populated by lwat) 


improve tasksel task to get more useful packages on the DVD

The following features are not working as they should: 
 some firmwares are not prompted for installation even though they exist on 
the DVD

The updated images can be downloaded via FTP, HTTP and rsync. The CD image 
size is about 606 MiB and the binary DVD about 4.4 GiB, the source DVD is a 
bit bigger.

To download the rc1 prerelease please point your webbrowser to 
http://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux-cd/ or use ftp/rsync as 

The MD5SUM of these images are 

d71ef7ee5d43f9effe97f6e43305b36c  debian-edu-5.0.6+edu1_rc1-CD.iso
30847e291a003eb3645460934618bba8  debian-edu-5.0.6+edu1_rc1-DVD.iso
b3fe6aeefcae9b9a0afb3f2dd0e0f47d  debian-edu-5.0.6+edu1_rc1-source-DVD.iso

The SHA1SUM of these images are 

2f2bc0e49f634a630936846af0f67f54d327efe1  debian-edu-5.0.6+edu1_rc1-CD.iso
f2dd3dd97869f64345daa7bcf4971e3bc47a7b99  debian-edu-5.0.6+edu1_rc1-DVD.iso

How to report bugs:

cheers & happy testing,

P.S.: the awake reader might have noticed that this is actually the second rc1 
for our first point release, but then work in Debian Edu on 5.0.4+edu1 became 
stalled and the first pointrelease shall now be 5.0.6+edu1 as it's based on 
Debian 5.0.6 now :-)

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