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Re: Toronto Bug Squashing Party in April

Hi there Sergio,

On 2019-04-03 1:52 a.m., Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
> I would like to invite you to the first Toronto Bug Squashing Party, to
> be held on Saturday, April 27th, 2019, at the Mozilla Toronto office.
> First things first: you can find the most up-to-date information about
> the event at our wiki page:
>   https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2019/04/ca/Toronto

thanks for the invitation! it's really nice to establish some contact
with folks in other cities close by (by american standards hehe).

we've had some discussion about this on IRC and at least there, we were
a couple who were interested in joining the BSP.

We'll try and organise transport, and we'll confirm our presence in the
wiki page soonish.

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