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Re: Keysigning + Beer in Montréal ?

Hi Jérôme,

Thanks for your answer !

> > After almost three months working in Montréal, I still didn't really get
> > in touch with the local Debian community. what a shame ! I really have
> > to fix that ! :-)
> I'd be happy to help!

Great !
> > Feel free to suggest your favourite place !
> 7 PM should also work for me. Station Ho.st is nice, and I also like to
> l'Espace Pubic, also on Ontario street, since it's a bit closer to my
> place :)
> Let us know when you'd like us to meet.

Oh, l'Espace Public, I remember that place from DC17. Great memories, let's
meet there ! :)

How about thursday 7:30PM ?


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