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[Debian-NYC] Thursday 12 December 2013 Software Freedom Law Center: A conversation with Bruce Schneier

  what="official Software Freedom Law Center announcement of
        a gathering with Eben Moglen and Bruce Schneier
        in Jerome Greene Hall of Columbia Law School
        on the Island of the Manahattoes"
  subway-stop="The number 1 line stops at 116th Street and Broadway.
               Jerome Greene Hall is across Columbia University's campus
               at the North East corner of Amsterdam Avenue
               and 116th Street.  The entrance is on 116th Street."
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  personal="This article by Janet Reitman
            tells of how last year when Edward Snowden asked
            Glenn Greenwald for his PGP key, Greenwald had none to give."
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  exhortation="come even if you have never heard of GnuPG"
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 Subject: A conversation with Bruce Schneier - Software Freedom Law Center
 X-URL: http://www.softwarefreedom.org/events/2013/a_conversation_with_bruce_schneier/
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 A conversation with Bruce Schneier

    Where: Columbia Law School

    When: Thursday Dec 12, 2013 at 6:30pm

    Who: Eben Moglen

    Join us at Columbia Law School as renowned security expert Bruce Schneier
    talks with Eben Moglen about what we can learn from the Snowden
    documents, the NSA's efforts to weaken global cryptography, and how we
    can keep our own free software tools from being subverted. The talk is
    open to the public and will take place in Columbia Law School's Jerome
    Greene Hall on Amsterdam Avenue and 116th street in New York City. The
    talk begins at 6:30pm EST (UTC-5).

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