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[Debian-NYC] Monday 9 December 2013: Big Computer Folk Party in New York City

  what="announcement by NYC*BUG of Big Party"
  where-when="The Big Party starts at 7:00 pm
              Tuesday 9 December 2013
              in the back room of Suspenders Bar at 111 Broadway
              on the Island of the Manahattoes.
              The entrance to Suspenders is underground,
              near to the Subway sandwich shop, which shop is
              partly underground.  111 Broadway is just
              north of Trinity Church and just south of Zuccotti Park."
  subway-stops="The big Fulton Street stop in Manhattan,
                and the Wall Street stop on the 2 and 3 lines
                are a few blocks from 111 Broadway."
  note="The Fire Marshal of the City of New York
        neither confirms nor denies that any law on occupancy of a
        rumored 'back room' will be enforced."
  rsvp="requested, see below.

 Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2013 21:19:21 -0500
 To: announce@lists.nycbug.org
 From: NYC*BUG Announcements <announce@lists.nycbug.org>
 Subject: [announce] Monday Dec 9 Technical Holiday Meta-Party

 RSVPs are now *required* for attending the Monday holiday party event at
 Suspenders at 111 Broadway in Manhattan.  Be sure to email to RSVP AT
 nycbug DOT org as soon as possible.  The sending email address is your
 key to get in.  Each attendee needs to individually register.

 We will have fliers for NYCBSDCon (February 8).  It's a great
 opportunity to mingle with those you know, and make new contacts.

 The event starts at 7 PM and will last until we're out of beverages and
 hors d'oeuvres.  Note that entry into Suspenders will only be allowed
 through the front door.

 The list of hosting user groups includes:

   DebianNYC		New York Debian Local Group
   DrupalNYC		Drupal New York City
   Erlang NYC		Erlang New York City
   LispNYC		New York City Lisp User Group
   Lopsa-NY		League of Professional System
 				Administrators New York Chapter
   NYC*BUG		New York City *BSD User Group
   NYC-Clojure		NYC Clojure Users Group
   NY Cloudera
   nycdevops		New York City Devops Meetup Group
   NYC-OCaml		The NYC OCaml Meetup
   NYLUG			New York Linux Users Group
   NY-Haskell		New York Haskell Users Group
   NYC Python		New York Python Meetup Group
   NY-Scala		New York Scala
   PuppetNYC		New York Puppet User Group
   SFLC			Software Freedom Law Center
   TA3M			Techno Activist Third Mondays
   UNIGROUP		New York City's Unix User's Group

 Current sponsors include:

 New York Internet
 InformIT/Prentice Hall
 Puppet Labs
 Digital Ocean
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Distributed poC TINC:

Jay Sulzberger <secretary@lxny.org>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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