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[Debian-NYC] Zack (DPL) is going to be in town next month. (March 20th)

Zack's going to be a NYLUG guest speaker next month and will giving a
talk titled "Debian, 20 years and counting". (He's coming to the US
for LibrePlanet which happens to that weekend.. March 22/23/24.) It
will be an introduction to Debian talk, that he hasn't given it in
North America before, so it should be interesting.

Please note for those that regularly attend NYLUG meetings, this will
not be taking the place of our regular March 14th meeting titled "Open
Source Private Clouds with CloudStack, Eucalyptus and OpenStack".

I'll be sending out a formal announcement once everything is
finalized, and we'll be hanging out after the talk at a  local bar.

Perhaps the hangout at the bar,  can be an informal DebianNYC/NYLUG
social event, and an excuse for DebianNYC to get together, since we
haven't had a "Debian beers" event in awhile?

Zack is going to be looking to couchsurf that night, if anyone has a
more convenient location than Morningside heights, (venue is near 15th
and 8th) (111 8th Avenue -- Google's NYC offices). Please feel free to
reach out to Zack directly or me if you are up for hosting him.

For the talk, due to venue availability issues, and to accomodate
Zack's schedule, we need to meet in a venue that requires IDs and real
name RSVPs. Of course no such requirement for beers. Also, since our
legacy RSVP system only handles RSVPs for a single event at a time,
and we're having 3 events in a 9 day period, the RSVP system we are
using for this event will be our meetup.com page. That said, we WILL
be taking email RSVPs to accomodate those that don't use meetup.

If you are planning on (or thinking about) attending please feel free
to email me now, and I will hold you a spot. (Please do include info
on what name will be on the ID that you plan to present to security.)

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions
or concerns.

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