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Re: [Debian-NYC] Linux Installation Festival * April 2 12pm - 5pm

A big thank you to Juan, Brandon, David, Emmanuel, Billy, Kadenem,
Melissa, Kevix, Jeremy, John, and Kos for showing up on Saturday and
making this Festival a big success. We now have 45 computers running
Edubuntu 11.04 (beta). I was particularly impressed that the pile of
"broken" machines was whittled down to four! The working machines will
be given out to families via a program in either Harlem or the Bronx
(email me directly if you want more info).

Under lesons learned, the next event will not be scheduled so close to
the distro's release date. Under what went well, grease free finger
food was a big hit.

We'll have another batch of four year old computers looking for a new
home after this Summer. If you missed this Linux Installation
Festaval, you may have another chance!


p.s. My apologies, if I did not transcribe your name correctly from
the sign in sheet.

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 23:40, Raul Cuza <raulcuza@gmail.com> wrote:
> * Reminder and apologies to those that keep a well oiled calendar *
> There will be a Linux Installation Festival on April 2 from 12pm to
> 5pm (ish) at the United Nations International School (24-50 FDR Drive
> New York, NY 10010-4046). You are cordially invited. Please reply to
> [raulcuza at gmail dot com] if you are interested in coming so I have
> a sense of the numbers.
> ====
> This event is open to anyone interested in Linux. Newbies as well as
> sages are welcomed.
> =====
> I have about 30 old desktops that will be given away to interested
> families after they have been fixed up and prepared with Linux.
> Instead of doing this work in a dark office all alone, I would like to
> do the work with and in the company of fellow Linux enthusiast.
> Things that would be good to bring:
>  * gigi hubs
>  * your favorite Linux repositories
>  * install media (CD, USB)
>  * DVD burners
>  * tools (if you want to turn the X broken computers into Y working
> computers, where Y < X)
>  * YOU!
> Things UNIS will provide:
>  * power and power strips
>  * Internet access
>  * big open space with a view of the East River
>  * 30 machines itching to be cleaned up and given a new life for a new family
>  * Snacks
> Lunch can be delivered if people are interested in ordering something.
> =====
> April 2, from 12 PM to 5 PM
> ======
> United Nations International School
> 24-50 FDR Drive
> New York, NY 10010-4046
> Please reply to [raulcuza at gmail dot com] if you are interested in
> coming so I have a sense of the numbers.
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