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[Debian-NYC] Presentation at NYLUG next week


Brian was looking for a speaker for the September NYLUG meeting (one
week from now!) and asked me if I could do something since I had
mentioned it before.

I've said I can, but I'd like to make it a team effort (and hopefully
get some knowledgeable people in the audience to help answer the hard
questions).  (If someone else would like to give the presentation,
feel free!)

So the first question is what topic to do?  Internet access here isn't
easy, so that makes hands-on things harder (and also we have more of a
time limit).

Some random ideas:

- based on Stew's idea of "tearing apart a package" to explain the
  bits and pieces of it would be neat, but would probably be better
  for a workshop.
- Some sort of "advanced tricks of the packaging system" (I am not an
  expert here, so would need advice + searching for stuff)
- talking about the debian community (?) (not sure how interesting
  this would be)
- I could give something about networking in linux based on my recent
  playing around at my work.

Do you all have ideas about what would be fun an useful to give?

Let me know here or IRC and we'll throw it together.


- Richard

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