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Re: [Debian-NYC] Our first NYC DebConf10 sponsor!

Pablo Duboue wrote:
Hello DebianNYC people,

Please join me to congratulate Brian Gupta from Brandorr Group LLC, our first NYC sponsor for the upcoming DebConf10!

Brian, a member of DebianNYC that you most likely have met in our events is reaching out to DebConf10 with a donation that matches much larger companies. It is my hope that this investment will be returned to his company ten-fold and I don't want it to go unnoticed.

Brian has also sponsored NYLUG in 2010 and been very active as our newest officer. In addition to thanking him for sponsoring DC10, I'd like to thank him, and you too, for all you do around here for NYLUG and everything else. You both do the kinds of things that need to be done that I refer to as the heavy lifting, and there's never enough people like that. We all appreciate it.

- Ron
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