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[Debian-NYC] NYC hacker housing coop update


I emailed this list a while back to let you know about a hacker housing coop
I'm trying to start in NYC:


The latest status of this is that I have about 8-10 people interested in
participating, plus a few more people from NASCO interested in assisting. If
you want to be involved or receive related emails, please sign up for the
separate mailing list which was created for the coop:


It's a standard Mailman list, so you can always unsubscribe yourself later, and
the archives are public. I'm going to email that list soon to set up an
in-person organizational meeting where we can discuss the idea, get on the same
page about what we're trying to do, and identify a plan of action. More details
on what's involved in starting a coop are in the wonderful PDF available here:


Ideally our plan of action would include identifying a subset of us who want to
rent a short-term place together to start developing a group/community identity
while we do all the property, financing, recruiting, and other searches that
have to occur.

I'm also going to attend NASCO's annual institute in Ann Arbor this November,
where I'll be participating in their Development Track and will hopefully get
many ideas and contacts.

I'm looking forward to working with many of you soon on this and other

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
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