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Re: [Debian-NYC] [VAC] New York City, Sept. 19-26

I promised I'd follow up with a proper invitation to SFD, so here it
is.  Please don't forget to RSVP and please do spread this to other
dev communities!

Thanks much,

Open Source / Open Culture at Lime Labs

OSOC@LimeLabs presents "From Software to Everywhere"

LimeLabs and Open Kulture invite you to the 2009 NYC Software Freedom
Day Celebration!

This year, we will make Software Freedom Day one to remember by
reaching out not only to the free and open source software world, but
the community at large.  Our production model, our ethos, and our
focus on transparency, running code and the freedom to share are
spreading beyond software to other areas of culture, including
government, media, science, and the arts.  We want to make the most of
these cross-disciplinary pursuits by coming together to create new
opportunities and rekindle old friendships.

In New York City, Software Freedom Day will mark the launch of a
series of quarterly Open Source / Open Culture events designed to
engage free software hackers, creative commons artists, open
government activists, and open science innovators.  We want to bring
together the diverse members of free and open source culture and
provide a platform and an audience with which to collaborate and

The event on September 19th will feature lightning talks by a range of
speakers designed to address the multifaceted efforts of open culture
in New York. These speakers will cover a variety of topics, but all
share one theme: currently active projects that are going to change
the world. The idea is "From Software to Everywhere". Each talk is an
invitation to participate.

More information about Software Freedom Day can be found at

When: Saturday, Sept. 19th from 6pm to 10pm.

Where: 377 Broadway, in the rooftop garden, same place as last year!

RSVP required to joshlevy.ny@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you there!
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