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[Debian-NYC] DebConf10 decision process?

(CCing email addresses associated with the various bids.)


What decision process and timeline do people want for DebConf10? At DebConf8 we
decided to make a decision by March 1 if possible and by April 1 in any case,
but that still leaves lots of process details to figure out. I am under the
impression that the call for proposals closed at the end of 2009, meaning that
Margarita Island, Venezuela; New York City, USA; and Boston, USA are the bids.
Correct me if I am wrong or left any out.

I am hesitant to propose any detailed process for how we should decide, since I
am one of the people leading the NYC bid and I don't want to have the process
appear or actually be biased. I'll just say that, if there is going to be only
one decision meeting, late February would be a good time, and if there are
multiple meetings, spreading them out through February (and late January if
necessary) would make sense. This will allow all bids to gather additional bits
of data, such as the price specifics the NYC bid is currently gathering and the
MIT faculty sponsor the Boston bid is working on.

Thoughts everyone?

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
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