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[Debian-NYC] OT: devs needed for democracy? [sdickert@gmail.com: [NYCR:Microcontrollers] Do you know of some developers that can help on Friday?]

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Hi friends,

Join web developers, designers, and activists this Friday, October
24th for a nationwide day-long Jam Session to build out a
groundbreaking new project called Twitter Vote Report. Inspired by a
blog post by techPresident writers Allison Fine and Nancy Scola,
volunteers across the country are moving quickly to build a
decentralized election monitoring system that will allow voters to use
text messages to report incidents of voter suppression, long lines,
broken machines, and other disruptions on election day. The Twitter
Vote Report site will aggregate the reporting data, represent it in
real-time on a dynamic web map, and notify voters, election monitoring
groups, and the media, facilitating rapid response by poll workers and

We're partnering with the Election Protection Coalition, Rock the
Vote, League of Young Voters, NPR, and a host of other groups to make
this happen. You can help!  Here's how: 1. Host or attend a jam
session on Friday - be sure to list it on the VoteReport wiki, or 2.
Join us from the comfort of your home via IRC freenode channel
#VoteReport, or 3. If you're in NY, stop by The Change You Want To See
Gallery from 11am to 6pm on Friday to work with the lead development

More info below!

Vote Report Project Uses Twitter to Monitor US Elections

Programmers, Designers, and Activists Team Up at Nationwide Parties
Friday to Build System for Real-Time Reporting of Voter Suppression

WHAT: Volunteer programmers, designers and activists across the
country will coordinate in online chat rooms and at real-world coding
parties on Friday to build Twitter Vote Report, a groundbreaking web
election monitoring system to fight voter suppression and disruption
efforts. Anyone with a Twitter.com account will be able to use their
cell phones or computers to send a message notifying voters, election
monitors, and the media of problems around the country. A web map will
display incidents in real-time. There are three ways to participate on
Friday: 1. Join us at the coding jam session headquarters at The
Change You Want To See Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, 2. Host your own
coding jam session, 3. Join us in IRC freenode channel #VoteReport.

WHEN: Friday, November 24th, 11am – 6pm EST.

WHERE: Headquartered at “Brooklyn Coworking” in The Change You Want To
See Gallery, 84 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn NY 11211. Additional locations
across the country listed here: http://wiki.votereport.us/Votereport%20Jam%20Session

BACKGROUND INFO: On election day millions of Americans will go to over
200,000 distinct voting locations and using different systems and
machinery to vote. Some voters will have a terrific experiences, and
others will experience the same problems we have been hearing about
for years - long lines, broken machines, inaccurate voting rolls, and
some that we haven't heard about before. Using Twitter.com and 1-866-
Our-Vote Hotline, voters will have a new way to share these
experiences with one another and ensure that the media and watchdog
groups are aware of any problems.

From questions like "where do I vote" or "how do I make sure that my
rights are being upheld," Twitter Voter Report augments these efforts
by providing a new way for voters to send text messages (aka tweets)
via cellphones or computers which will be aggregated and mapped so
that everyone can see the Nation's voting problems in real-time.

A Nationwide web map will display pins identifying every zip code
where Americans are waiting over 30 minutes to vote or indicating
those election districts where the voting machines are not working.
Collectively we will inform each other when the lines are too long and
ensure that media and watchdog groups know when and where problems

For more information:

Twitter Vote Report Wiki – http://wiki.votereport.us

Friday Jam Session info – http://wiki.votereport.us/Votereport%20Jam%20Session


866-OUR-VOTE (The Election Protection Coalition)

Common Cause

Credo Mobile


League of Young Voters


National Public Radio

Network Redux

Not An Alternative

Open Resource Group

Rock the Vote

techPresident/Personal Democracy Forum

Voter Suppression Wiki

Women Donors Network

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