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Re: [nylug-talk] Impending festivities...

On Thu, Apr 12, 2007 at 02:24:39PM -0400, forest  wrote:
> Kevin,
>   Are there any Debian release events planned for NYC?
>  Also, do you know of anyone who could speak on some aspect of Debian to a
> computer users group next week?
this mail is going to the debian-nyc-soc list where I posted a note
about the upcoming release party. Its on sunday Apr 15th at 7pm at vol
de nuit (google for info or visit the debian-nyc-soc list).
As for Debian, you could ask on the debian-nyc-soc list. Recently
Jahldar Vayas spoke at lilug. What aspect of Debian, I know a few things
about Debian, check out my web site.
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