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Re: I'm Back! Let's Meet Friday, 5/5 @ 20:00

----- Benj. Mako Hill <mako@debian.org> wrote:
> I'm back in town for a couple days. If folks want to meet up for
> Belgian beers, Belgian fries, for a chat and keysigning with someone
> who, while not Belgian, has been to Beglium and has had his key
> signed
> by several Belgians, I have a proposition for you...
> Lets meet up at the Belgian Beer Bar (Vol De Nuit) on West 4th
> between
> 6th Avenue and MacDougal at 8pm tomorrow Friday, May 5th.

I'm probably not the one to participate in signing keys, but I do want to meet other Debian people in NYC just to chat it up and get all edified n'shit from more experienced peers. I'll stop by the pub tomorrow and introduce myself. How will I recognize the group? I'll try and wear some stupid-ass T shirt. Probably a black one that has a Lite-Brite logo on it.

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