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Re: volunteer computer programming education

>>Does anybody know of a volunteer organization in NYC that teaches kids
>>how to program?  Or whether or not this is taught in most high schools?
> Hi Wes,
> I am part of a NPO in NYC that is working on educating floss to NPO 's and
> teens. Currenly we have taught 2 different classes: pc garage, where we
> introduce kids to computers and free software and a second on Blender
> using either w32 or linux platform. I have proposed a class on
> programing but have not followed through on all the details. Are you
> looking to help teach a class on programming or are you looking for an
> organization this will do/has done this? At the moment we are teaching a
> 'pc garage' class and are in the 4th week of the 12 week cycle. If you
> want to see us in action and discuss anything, you can stop by. AFAICT,
> there are few if any classes on programming in High schools and I'd say
> nil that would use free software.
> visit cfsg.org for more info on us.

I was thinking more about teaching programming to younger kids, perhaps
using something like Logo.  However, I don't think I'd really be able to
commit any significant amount of time at this point, so I was really
looking to see if anybody else was already doing it and help out a
couple times per month.  I might check out the PC Garage sometime, though..


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