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Re: volunteer computer programming education

On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 10:03:41AM -0500, Wes Chow wrote:
> Does anybody know of a volunteer organization in NYC that teaches kids
> how to program?  Or whether or not this is taught in most high schools?
Hi Wes,
I am part of a NPO in NYC that is working on educating floss to NPO 's and
teens. Currenly we have taught 2 different classes: pc garage, where we
introduce kids to computers and free software and a second on Blender
using either w32 or linux platform. I have proposed a class on
programing but have not followed through on all the details. Are you
looking to help teach a class on programming or are you looking for an
organization this will do/has done this? At the moment we are teaching a
'pc garage' class and are in the 4th week of the 12 week cycle. If you
want to see us in action and discuss anything, you can stop by. AFAICT,
there are few if any classes on programming in High schools and I'd say
nil that would use free software.
visit cfsg.org for more info on us.
Kevin Mark, director at cfsg
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