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Re: Request for keysigning in Atlanta, GA US and NYC (fwd)

<quote who="Barry Hawkins" date="Fri, 01 Apr 2005 13:26:20 -0500">
> Hello, my name is Barry Hawkins.  I am active in the Debian Java
> packaging project.  I have sent a message to the one person listed
> in Atlanta offering key signing, Warren Stramiello, and the one
> person (to my surprise) listed the New York City, Joseph Namias.  I
> live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and have to travel to New York City,
> New York and Baltimore, Maryland frequently for business.
> Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  I also registered on the
> Debian site for key signing requests.  I will be in New York City
> all next week on business, so I want to try and take advantage of
> that if possible, since I would think that there are more DDs there
> than in Atlanta where I live.

There a number of us here. I'm CCing the Debian NYC email list which
should include most of us.

We can arrange for a keysigning over dinner or a few drinks sometime
next week if that works. Where in New York City will you be staying.

When it's up to me to organize things, I usually suggest a Belgian
beer bar in the West Village.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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