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Re: MiniDebConf India 2021 videos are out

at bottom :-

On 22/03/2021, Sahil Dhiman <sahil@sahilister.in> wrote:
> Hello folks,
> MiniDebConf India 2021 videos are out now on Peertube. See them here -
> https://peertube.debian.social/video-channels/mdcoin2021/videos
> Cheers!
> --
> Sahil Dhiman
> https://blog.sahilister.in/

Congratulations. I do have one suggestion though. Is it possible to
have a list of people who are/were presenting along with topic.

For e.g. this is a topic which is close to my heart but because there
are neither names, organizations or whatever I don't really know who
discussed what.


Maybe if somebody made a synopsis of the same or something that would
also be interesting to read.

Maybe all of the above is in the works and I'm just jumping the gun,
but still looking forward to your response.

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