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Re: should we have a mini-fsci meetup in one of the small rooms after fossmeet ?

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On 05/03/2019, Abhijit A.M. <abhijit.comp@coep.ac.in> wrote:
> We can meet after FOSSMeet.
> The schedule of FOSSMeet is not up yet. Once that is decided, we can discuss
> our meeting timing.

Dear Abhijit,

Any update. Also we need to have a show of hands as to how many people
would be there if we do have mini-fsci meetup.  The meetup could used
to think when we have either a mini-debconf or a debutsav either in
Pune or Mumbai ?

A show of hands or me too would indicate that they will be present and
would help in understanding the interest of the community. I have
added Siji as he had indicated to help/organize a mini-debconf or
debutsav either here in Pune or Mumbai.

Looking forward to know more.

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