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Re: Regarding ongoing furious discussions at debian-project ML & understanding

On 1/7/19 10:24 AM, Amey Abhyankar wrote:
> Hello All,
> I guess most of us are subscribed to debian-project mailing list.
> I am reading tons of e-mails since last 2 weeks at debian-project
> which are furious in many ways.
> However I am unable to fully understand the core issue & why,by whom,where etc.
> If anybody from our DL has better understanding, pls brief here in
> simple English language thanks.
> Due to length of those e-mails with several legal language formats
> it's difficult to understand the issue :-/

Two developers were expelled from Debian recently for violating the Code
of Conduct. Some developers don't agree with it, either the actions or
the process followed.

Hopefully we will see a solution to it soon when these discussions
conclude (either by confirmation of these actions by the project, change
in these processes or reversal of the decision).

Debian being a democratic project, dissent is also part of it. Any
decision in debian can be challenged by a General Resolution (GR) and
can be corrected if majority of Developers support the GR.

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