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Re: Anybody from India attending DebConf18?

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On शुक्रवार 08 जून 2018 08:32 अपराह्न, Amey Abhyankar wrote:
> Hello,
> Anybody from India attending DebConf18?
> I might be attending but not sure yet.
> Anybody applied for bursaries?
I got my bursary request accepted.
> 1 of my friend applied but no reply yet from the team.
> Just wonder if anybody else got update from bursary team. Thanks.
Trying to arrange my Tickets and Visa at the moment.

I still don't have a clear understanding of how the bursaries are processed.
I need to arrange tickets on my own, and the I'll be re-imbursed later
or any other process is being followed?

> Regards,
> Amey.

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