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Fwd: Bursary decisions posted

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From: Nicolas Dandrimont <olasd@debian.org>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2018 18:28:02 +0200
Subject: Bursary decisions posted
To: debconf-announce@lists.debian.org, debconf-discuss@lists.debian.org

Dear all,

The decisions for bursary grants have been posted and you should have gotten
one (or two, if you went into today's second batch following yesterday's budget
extension) email about it.

The email subject should be: "Your bursary request for DebConf18:
status updated".

If you haven't received an email, maybe it got eaten by an overeager spam
filter (which is something that you should fix, but is besides the point).

In any case, your status is available on the DebConf website. You should log in
and see what's up directly on your profile page.  Once you've logged in to the
DebConf website, you'll be able to:
 - see your status
 - accept or decline your bursary grants
 - if applicable, decrease the amount of travel reimbursement you are requesting

Please note that the travel grants WILL EXPIRE on 2018-06-24 (1st round) or
2018-06-26 (2nd round). This will allow us to try to do a third round by the
end of the month. You need to log in and accept the grant before that date or
it'll go to someone else!

Once you have done your final booking, please make sure to update the travel
reimbursement amount requested to allow us to get a better view of our budget.

Specific questions can be directed to the bursaries@debconf.org alias.

Nicolas Dandrimont
for the DebConf bursaries team

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