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WebRTC meeting that happened over talky.io/debian_bangalore

Hi all,

Just putting down some discussion notes we had on talky.io/debian_bangalore
channel. A WebRTC meet. Meeting was joined by

1. Vasudev Kamath
2. Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan
3. Jonas Smedegaard
4. Siri Reiter

This was informal meeting and we discussed about following things

1. Jonas and Siri explained about Debian Design and its goal
2. We discussed about Redpill in relation with Debian Design
3. Ram talked about peer to peer and federated technologies starting
   with magic-wormhole used for secure file transfer and explained about
   underlying technologies. Ram also answered on why use a new protocol
   over existing (magic-wormhole uses PAKE)
4. Jonas told about git-annex which he first wanted to use as part of
   Redpill for file transfers but now it might not be possible as
   git-annex may not be usable on low powered arm machines (armel) due
   to Haskell.
5. Ram brought up upspin.io which can be used for similar purpose (file
   transfers) and described some design details.
6. Jonas asked if its possible to use version control in upspin. Ram
   told though currently not possible the design supports content
   addressable file system and hence should not be too difficult to
   build something similar to git on top of upspin.
7. I discussed about biboumi and how it solves the bridging problem
   between IRC and XMPP transparently.
8. Jonas stressed on using our own service for future meetings and told
   about Janus as possible candidate for this.
9. Jonas also discussed about his dream of bridging various
   communication models like IRC, WebRTC SIP etc to allow new comers to
   easily interact with community, at the same time allowing old people
   be still comfortable with their communication mode (IRC).
10. We wrapped up the discussion with plan of having similar biweekly
    meetup which I've taken up responsibility of organizing.

The meeting will happen at https://talky.io/debian_bangalore untill we
setup our own things to do such meetings and record our discussions.

@Jonas @Ram if I missed some points above please add them (as I got
disconnected couple of times from the chat).


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