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Re: Report: Debian Packaging Workshop at COEP

Quoting Ritesh Raj Sarraf (2017-01-08 18:34:06)

> Thank you for the update and Thank you for the work all of you are 
> doing for Debian.

I fully agree!

> * Indic font rendering in PDF. Should we care? Is PDF deprecated ?

If you suspect PDF might be obsolete, then try - on a desktop system - 
to remove libgs* and libpoppler* and see how much is affected by that.

Are special issues with PDF related to Indic fonts documented somewhere?

> * Indic font rendering in Console and Pseudo Terminals.

Similar: Anyone know about work on so-called "font stacks" for this?

I.e. lists of fonts for each Indic script, prioritized by...

  * Ability to render the script at all (even if no composites)
  * Readability at low resolution (i.e. for non-vector real console)
  * Readability at medium resolution (i.e. vector based for X11)
  * Readability at high resolution (i.e. for print use)

> * Indic dictionaries - I think this is something sorely sucky right now. To the
> best of my knowledge, our lexical databases are lagging far behind and are
> incomplete. And not everything is electronically available.


> I should also disclaim that my knowledge on these subjects is very 
> limited. I'm just trying to see if there are others who could be 
> motivated to steer in those areas.

My knowledge specificly on indic scripts is even more limited, but I 
have some experience with PDF, Postscript, CSS and fonts, and a bit 
experience with complex scripts using LaTeX, that all may be helpful.

 - Jonas

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