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recommendations for hardware computer support in Bombay

Hello everyone,

I'm located in South Bombay, near the Marine Lines station on the Western Railway.

I'm looking for recommendations for someone who can assist me with my hardware computer needs. I've been using the same small company for a number of years - the first time was 2009, I think. They handle both hardware and software. This company has technicians that come out to your place to handle stuff. I've been using the same person nearly all that time - he's my preferred person. His name is Milind. But recently it has become harder and harder to get him, apparently because he is too busy and senior to deal with the small jobs that I need. My experience with the other technicians in that company has generally not been great. Though, having found someone who suits me, I've not been inclined to experiment.

Most recently, I've been trying to get an appointment since the beginning of August, and Milind has still not shown up. I think I've written to him and his boss (the company owner) at least 5 times.

I'm generally reluctant to experiment with new people in India, because India is crazy and it's hard to find reasonable people. So when I find someone reasonable I tend to stay with them. But this is really getting a bit too much. So, I'm writing to ask if anyone here has recommendations for a good hardware person. I mostly need basic hardware support. I use Debian, and someone who is familiar with Linux-based systems would be a plus, but it's not critical, because I can generally handle software issues myself with some help from the net, and Debian is generally quite well-behaved. Milind's company does do some Linux support (Ubuntu, for example), but as far as I can tell none of their people know much about it. Milind certainly doesn't.

Summary - I need a reliable and competent hardware technician, but I don't have any fancy requirements, and he does not need to know about Unix/Linux, though it would be a plus. References appreciated.

Sometimes I think it would be easier to just handle hardware stuff myself, but I already have too much to do.

                                                     Regards, Faheem Mitha

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