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Re: Debian on RP 3

I would go for netbooks then in this cost.
iBall, micromax offering some nice netbooks within above price range. [with 64bit arch Intel Atom processor]
Advantage of netbook would be, install various Linux OS variants every day.
Also, it's easy to move those netbooks from 1 place to other without hassle's.
Lastly, I am pretty sure iBall & micromax both having servicing center's in Panji city in Goa. [Single stop for any HW issues]


Hi Amey,

I think, netbooks/chromebooks needs to be handled with care. Generally
maintenance cost of the laptops/netbooks is higher when compared to desktop.
Eg., Screen and keyboards are very delicate. Also as the mentioned devices
are portable; there are vulnerable to drops/fall/damages.
In the above system, most of the thing will have long life. Only experimental part
would be the SBC. From my personal experience these boards go on well for years.
I have a Sheevaplug which I am running on archLinux for about 5+ years.



On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 5:18 PM, Amey Abhyankar <sco1984@gmail.com> wrote:

On 20 September 2016 at 20:42, yogesh powar <yogesh.powar@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello All,

Friend of mine and I would like to donate some of our effort/money/time providing computers at a primary school in a village in Goa.


Noting that it's a primary school, so on Raspbian OS should be ok.
Assuming that those kids aint having syllabus to do some heavy C, C++, Python,Java programming on x86_64 bit processor architecture.  ^_^
Do gather basic requirements for example language localization requirement.
Also confirm that the computer teacher knows Linux OS & he/she can diagnose very basic issues in Linux OS.

We were thinking of having Raspberry Pi -3 with Input/Output devices. But software/OS, we were thinking of having Gnu/Linux.

You are just going to donate Raspberry Pi 3 device or along with screens?
If you are just going to donate the devices, then buying HDMI screens going to be an expensive deal to the school.  :-)

Raspberry Pi is at throw away price but other components are expensive for example HDMI monitor.


Has any one tried Debian on RP3? Is Hamara Gnu/Linux endorsed by Debian?

Let me know if anyone has tried out this setup in the school.




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