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Re: [ Visit in India]: Kerala Visit

2015-12-26 11:05 GMT+05:30 Jonas Smedegaard
> If/when subscribed, please mention here so we can reduce the long
> cluttered cc list.

I have subscribed. But didn't get the confirmation. So please keep me
in CC list.

> I hope we can learn from previous fumbling when going forward.  The
> alternate approach which Siri and I believe to be most sustainable and
> hope to refine with your help is to not fork at all, but instead make
> "Debin Pure Blends" which means expand Debian to contain custom needs.
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianPureBlends#Terminology

> Siri does visual design and will focus on desktop theming (e.g.
> understanding and hacking GTK+/Qt theme bundles).  I do Debian packaging
> and will focus on Debian Pure Blends (learn about needs and approaches
> of other distros, and maybe inspire some to move closer to Debian).
> Maja is a non-IT teacher - she might tag along (that might spawn some
> interesting collaboration), or go explore Kerala on her own.

Sorry for the delay. I was caught with some personal stuff. Right now
I am a full time student, and even after completing the first
semester, my University didn't complete the procedure for my
scholarship. So I am forced to find my funds through other means.

In the mean time we(Fayad, Praveen, Arun and myself) had short
conversation. So we made an abstract. The major concern in our plan is
simple. Who ever comes of the program should gain something for their
personal/office use. Otherwise bringing people is too tough and almost

We can theme the event/program/discussion(what ever you wish call)
around Free Software Migration. It is something like as follows.

Free Software Migration Challenges:
    Why did you migrate to free softare?
    What were the software you were using in previous systems?
    What are the software you are using in current system?
    What are the software/functions you are lacking?
    What were the challenges you faced?
        Mind set
        Availabilty of application
        Driver support
    How are you managing these issue?
    What you are expecting from a complte Free Software Distribution?
    How can we make the migration/system more simple?

This is something which we have to discuss. Please let us your
comments and feed back on this kind of theming.

> We prefer to travel by train - both to limit CO2 emission and because we
> better "recharge" between meetings in train than on the road or at
> airports.  Not traveling between meetings, and meeting with same people
> multiple times is even better ;-)

We are trying for sponsorship, till now we couldn't confirm any. We
are hoping for the best.

Sooraj Kenoth
"I am Being the Change I Wish to See in the World"

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