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Re: congrats Balu for 50 packages in debian

Quoting Ritesh Raj Sarraf (2015-07-04 13:16:23)
> On Saturday 04 July 2015 09:51 AM, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> > Sent from my Android device with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.
> Wow. This is real cool. Wasn't aware of a mail client doing that on 
> Android.
> But I'm guessing this is not your Debian key. Because the key on a 
> closed platform is something I'd not trust.
> Or can this be worked out ? It is so tricky with the Android platform. 
> Because even if I trust CM, I still cannot trust those 100s of 
> (proprietary) apps that get installed on the device.
> How are others working it out ?

I use Replicant - the compiled-from-only-Free-source flavor of Android - 
and I use only apps from F-droid, favoring those recommended by 
https://guardianproject.info/apps (which includes K-9)..

Still I do not yet use PGP on my phone.  That's not because the phone is 
a "closed platform" (it isn't) but because a phone is far easier to 
loose and far more difficult to firmly lock down (there's no "full disk 
encryption" as on Debian) and I have not yet wrapped my head around 
subkey handling in GnuPG.

 - Jonas

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