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Re: miniDebConf Pune

On 30 June 2015 at 11:22, Raju Vindane <rajuvindane@cryptolab.net> wrote:


>  * Some of us people will start working on the website for miniDebCOnf
> Pune. This list includes Rahul, Mangesh & Sagar

Can we ask Rigved & his team who built web-site for Mumbai mini
Debconf in January 2015?
That way we don't have to do rework.

> 3. Prof. Abhijit has assured us that If required the College can make


> 4.As any event requires support of sponsors, Once the website gets
> launched we have to work on creating a good Sponsorship Letter so we can
> approach different potential sponsors.

If there is any DebconfIndia twitter or fb account, that will be
helpful to get/refer sponsors.

> 6. The support of volunteers is essential for our Conference. If you
> want to help with any work we will be collaborating here

Sure! I'll do digital marketing of this event at
Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn,Corporate & Google Plus from my accounts :-)
And will also hunt for sponsors.


i) Inputs from those who has arranged mini deb conf in India are
valuable. Pls add your suggestions. Pls also add DO's/DONT's from your
previous mini deb conf experience(s). :-)
ii) Can we also check costing of live video streaming or at least
recording of sessions?

Thanks & Regards,

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