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Re: miniDebConf Pune

addition in-line :-

On 6/30/15, Raju Vindane <rajuvindane@cryptolab.net> wrote:
> At the recent fudconin event at Pune, some of us people met to plan
> things for a miniDebconf at Pune. We had a discussion with
> Prof. Abhijeet of CoEP about the event. Here are the Inferences from the
> meeting.
> People Present at the Meet:
> Prof. Abhijit
> Rahul Mahale
> Sagal Ippalpalli
> Shirish Agrawal
> Mangesh Divate
> Aditya
> Raju Vindane
> Following are the things which have been decided about the event:
> 1. Considering the Exam Schedule of University Students and CoEP
> students, we have scheduled the conference to take place on 29 & 30
> August at College of Engineering Pune.
> 2. We have around 2 months of time from now, so we are planning the
> things accordingly.
>  * Some of us people will start working on the website for miniDebCOnf
> Pune. This list includes Rahul, Mangesh & Sagar

This will be the base of operations. Once we have a domain, a website it
would be a bit easier to push the other things as well.

I am hoping we will be able to get the site up and running within a week or two
so that we have something to show to people and can get the CFP up and running.

Btw does anybody have a design mockup yet of the site, even if it's
just a pencil
drawing just to know that's somebody working on it. Won't be able to
contribute much
till at least a design mockup of the site is there.

Also having a nice HTML banner mail with invite wouldn't hurt as well, hence
designers are most welcome.

>  * With the launch of website, the proposals for speakers will be opened
> up.
>  * We will close the CFPs by 1st week of August.
> 3. Prof. Abhijit has assured us that If required the College can make
> available of 5 different class rooms. According to the availability we
> have decided the plan to have around three parallel tracks for the
> event. And in the other two classrooms we can make arrangements for
> different use cases like a hackers lounge, showcasing of different
> projects, workshops etc.

While Prof. Abhijit has assured of 5 rooms, I would like to restrict it to
only two tracks and let one or two rooms be used for hacking stuff or bof

There are lot of startups in Pune who are in the IOT bit, we could invite them.
While most of them use FOSS a lot and some of them might also be running
on Debian or a Debian-derivative the product itself might not be open hardware.
Even then it should give people ideas.

> 4.As any event requires support of sponsors, Once the website gets
> launched we have to work on creating a good Sponsorship Letter so we can
> approach different potential sponsors.

+1  IIRC we already have a good template which Praveen had shared with us
on the last event.  We could re-use that same one and even add to it if we
get some good responses.

I do hope that we keep the cloud stuff to a minimum with probably Raju doing an
owncloud deployment and any others who want to show it.

We should be seriously looking to make it fun by
having at least one or two capture-the-flag kinda games or even gcompris
and lot others.

One of the other ideas that I have is 'demystify words' or meanings.
There are lot of
acronyms, technologies which just goes over newbies or beginners. I
would be happy
to take this up alongwith my regular stuff :)

> 5. A team will also be working on site for things such as arrangements
> of class rooms for tracks, accommodation arrangement of speakers and
> attendees, and everything else that is required for smoother
> organization of the event.

We would need people for this team, right now it's only 1-2. I am
waiting for the college
to start to ask out people to join us because the college students
would know the campus
inside and out.

> 6. The support of volunteers is essential for our Conference. If you
> want to help with any work we will be collaborating here
> https://wiki.debian.org/MiniDebConfPune2015
> Looking forward to your full support to the event.
> Raju

If you have any queries, feel free to ping either Raju or/and me and we would
be happy to assist you.

Till later.

P.S. - If there are any friends, groups or organizations that you feel
would benefit from
being part of the conference please forward this mail to them.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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