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[Mini-Debconf India] Updates on the January 2015 Mumbai mini-DebConf


After further discussions with the FOSSEE team at IITB, here are the updates:

1. Dates for the mini-debconf have been confirmed as follows:

17/01/2015 and 18/01/2015 - Saturday and Sunday

2. We will most likely be provided the following:

One 250-seater classroom for the keynote session. This classroom will
be reused for the hackathons.

Five 60-seater classrooms for conducting the sessions / workshops.

There will be spike guards and wifi Internet access available in all
these classrooms.

3. They will be providing official confirmation from the IIT
authorities for the event soon.

4. Accommodation will be provided on campus, only for the speakers,
from 16th to 18th January, 2015.

5. We will need to arrange for food / beverages because the IIT campus
has only one restaurant which might not be able to cater to the

6. We are looking at the possibility of live streaming all the
sessions. We are looking for volunteers with prior experience in this.

7. The FOSSEE team will check if they can provide the "Invitation
Letter" to the Ministry of External Affairs for any International

8. We need to get the http://in2015.mini.debconf.org/ website up and
running soon.

9. The FOSSEE team wants to meet all the volunteers in-person,
preferably on a weekday. Let's schedule this for sometime in November.

Best Regards,

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