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[Mini-Debconf India] miniDebConf Mumbai 25-09-2014 IRC meeting notes


Meeting logs here:

To-do items:

* Create a website at http://in2015.mini.debconf.org/ and re-use
current website code as much as possible
* Talk to FOSSEE team to get official approval for the event from the
IIT authorities - rigved
* Ask FOSSEE team to book 6 classrooms and 3 labs for the event so
that we can have 5 tracks and 1 workshop at any given time, 1 lab
exclusively booked for hack day events and 1 classroom and 1 lab as
spare - rigved
* Get contact details from FOSSEE team so that volunteers can reach
them - rigved
* Talk to FOSSEE team about accommodation for speakers and participants - rigved
* Arrange for food and beverages during the event from in-house IIT
canteens / restaurants or outside vendors - rigved
* Talk to FOSSEE team about recording all sessions and possibly live
streaming them - rigved
* Talk to FOSSEE team about involving other departments of IIT in this
mini-debconf - rigved
* Set-up a sponsorship letter
* Send out a Call for Papers

I have picked up a few of these tasks and will speak to the FOSSEE
team next week. If anyone is interested in picking up the remaining
tasks or coordinating on already assigned tasks, please go ahead!

Can someone put up a place-holder at http://in2015.mini.debconf.org/
in the meantime?

Best Regards,

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