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Re: Progress and some doubts

in-line :-

On 8/21/14, Aishwarya S <aishwarya923@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everybody,

Hello Aishwarya,

> Just to update you'll with the current progress and some questions(doubts)
> :)
> Progress:
>    1. We will be accommodating the participants at the college hostel,
>    which is about 5 mins from the event venue. We can also provide details
> of
>    some good hotels nearby, in case some one would want to stay elsewhere.

Share those details as well and approx. fares as this info. should be
on the website we are planning.

>    2. Dinner party on the 18th night is confirmed.


>    3. Hackathon on 17th night confirmed. Tea, coffee and snacks would be
>    provided.

+1 on that. Now to figure out if the hackathon would only be on what
Praveen shared or there are other people who would want to take their
opportunity to do something on their own or with a group or something.
The usual hackathon is when only one package or something is done for
the whole night, at times it can be boring if all are not upto doing
hacking on that one thing for the whole night. So, what could be done
is, say after 3-4 hrs. we could some another package/problem statement
whatever and hack on that.  It would also make sure that people don't
fall asleep as well. Again, just a suggestion.

>    4. I am sharing a sheet for Potential sponsors[1]. Please add in your
>    contacts.
>    5. We are working on the budget. Should be ready in a couple of days.

nice. Looking forward to the budget.

> Some doubts:
>    1. For the sponsorship money, will the community be handling the
>    accounts, or will we have to maintain it?

 From the looks of things, we wouldn't be having a purely
debian-centric approach, which is also fine. But as Lucas shared, in
such a scenario, debian would only support DD's who would be flying
in, which means Jaldhar Vyas as of now. In such a scenario neither
would the host institution nor community would be handling any money
as invoices would be generated by Jaldhar Vyas to SPI and account
handling would be done therein.

For the sponsorship money garnered from other places is concerned, the
best people would be the host institution as "you are the boots on the
ground" and would know all the expenses. What is expected that if
there is any money left-over it's handed over to the community for
events (for e.g. we want to do an event in north-east, east and other
such places where debian is pretty much unknown). As per my
understanding, in both these regions, getting sponsorships would be
pretty difficult so that money would be handy for us for making events

>    2. As a part of publicity, do you suggest we contact some sites like
> Know
>    a fest <http://www.knowafest.com/>, twenty19
> <http://www.twenty19.com/>, college
>    khabar <http://www.collegekhabar.com/>?

Absolutely, apart from those, make sure to also announce event on
'Open Source for You' www.opensourceforu.com - if you give the event
details today, it would come in September issue so more people can
join in. It's usually on the last to last page where events are shared
which are happening on the GNU/Linux anywhere in the world.

> --
> Aishwarya Subramanian
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