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Re: Hello Debian people

On Monday 18 August 2014 02:17 AM, Praveen Illa wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am Praveen Illa from Hyderabad. Like Pirate Praveen I am also from
> Electrical background but my passion towards computers and Technology,
> FOSS brought me here.
> After bored with windows thing, I looked for another alternative that
> could be explorable....then I found Ubuntu and started experimenting
> with it, then I got to know that the computers can be used with Telugu
> interface and it looks so amazing to me, landed me on Launchpad. Started
> working on Telugu localization. After that I need to find the upstream
> sources for the l10n stream and like that Gnome, Xfce, LXDE, Gimp.... At
> the sametime I can find the similar interest people who are working on
> it Like Swecha and e-telugu organisations, met nice people. Like other
> folks, my Gnu/linux journey started with ubuntu and ended with the
> universal operating system 'Debian'. It's been fourth year started using
> it, and I'm very comfortable using Debian.
> Whatever I discover, the first thing I do is localize that thing
> irrespective of the usage statistics. As I always want to see the Telugu
> in the Top position in the statistics, other Indic languages encourages
> me to do so.
> So far I've localized many apps and projects. But finding the equal word
> for the Technical term will always a big challenge for the people who do
> Localization. Yet to find a better solution, I also follow the other
> indic language communities for better approach in L10N.
> In 2011, I got the chance to attend MiniDebConf event along with
> Pavithran which was organized at Pune. This event introduced me Indian
> FOSS community and met nice people like Pavithran, Praveen, Sirish,
> Prof. Abhijith...
> Apart from the Localization, my other interests are python programming
> language, Django frame work, writing articles on Free and open source
> software in wikipedia, blog.
> Looking forward to participate in MiniDebconf 2014.

I hope you can take a session on debian localization.

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