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Re: MiniDebConf in Amritapuri, Kerala

Dear all,
I have discarded the PLUG-Mail address as even the start of
discussions are still under moderation (and this is not the first
time) hence it feels useless to add them to the discussions.

a. Pavi to ask DD's in Germany :- Anyways, I had extensive discussions
with both Harish and Pavi about 3 days back. Pavi is now in Germany
and I had the bright idea if he can ask some of the  Debian Developers
there if they would be interested in coming to India. Here's a
snapshot that Christian Perrier shared last year (and preceding years
as well.)


As can be seen from the snapshot, they have enviable stats . While
they are 1/20th of our size, the number of developers are almost 19
times to the strength we have.

b. Chronology of Debian India, events etc. on the minidebconf site :-
One of the things that emerged with my discussions with Pavi is we
need to have some sort of chronology of Debian India as well as the
events that were held in India from time to time. We should have some
of the lessons learnt, some of the positive statements which people
shared with us over emails and otherwise put on the site as well. This
should be content which we can re-use and add to over the years. The
added benefit of creation of such content is that we could also re-use
it as part of a cover-letter when asking for sponsorships from
organizations as and when needed.

c. Volunteers needed before event :- One of the things that I have
realized that we need to have some people before the event on ground
motivating and sharing skills with volunteers. This should help us in
having the event flow more easily. If we have more volunteers who are
skilled, that means less running around for everybody, perhaps also
less stress. Me and Pavi discussed that if it's possible for either
Bala (Balashankar C), Anish Sheela, Nandaja or/and Anivar  could come
to the college few days before the event and see how things are. Even
if they can be available as short as 2-3 days before the event, that
would improve things greatly. There were also some other names
suggested (Sooraj Kenoth, ManojKmohan, Anoop Panavalappil ) as well,
coincidentally this RFH (Request for Help) was also given a call by
Pavi on Diaspora


d. Diaspora packaging, upstream stuff :- Harish shared that there are
2-3 girls in his college who are into ruby. Maybe we could use them to
either help out in Diaspora packaging in Debian or ask if they would
like to contribute to Diaspora upstream.
. Diaspora packaging in Debian status
https://wiki.debian.org/Diaspora/Packaging and
http://people.debian.org/~praveen/diasbar/ . The idea behind diaspora
packaging is more people make instances of it, make more open
communities as well as help Diaspora development happen faster.

Lastly, Harish is supposed to update me with dates for the event in a
day or two which I can then share with the rest of the community.

There is possibility that I might have not covered things, in such a
scenario, feel free to add your suggestions or/and help in anyway you

 Till l8er.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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