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Re: Mumbai Debian Users' Group Meetup


> There are lots of Debian enthusiastic people here in Mumbai. For
> example, I do some little contribution to Debian when time permits.

Yes, you are a DD as far as I remember. You guys do an awesome job contributing to Debian!

> > If anyone is interested in conducting sessions during the meetup, you
> > are more than welcome to do so!
> I'm in. Is talk/session about Debian is fine? I can start with
> introduction, how Debian works, how one can contribute etc. Or do you
> really need some technical topic?

This will be a perfect talk for the Spotlight session of the LUG meetup. In the spotlight session, someone takes up one Linux distribution and talks about it.

> > This meetup is part of the Mumbai Technology Meetup. There will be a
> > Python Users' Group Meetup and a _javascript_ Users' Group meetup, from
> > 10 a.m. on the same day. Kenneth Love will be streaming live at 10
> > a.m. for a review of Two Scoops of Django
> > (https://django.2scoops.org/).
> You're doing fantastic job combining all meetups into one. Hard work!!

Thanks. But all the credit for the the Python and _javascript_ sessions go the their respective groups!

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