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Re: Any android packagers around here ?

at bottom :-

On 9/20/13, shirish शिरीष <shirishag75@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please look at #459219 . TL:DR basically it seems only some small
> important bits are remaining for the whole of androidsdk to be in
> Debian. As shared by yours truly lot of components are already here as
> can be seen by doing a simple search.
> $ aptitude search android
> i   android-tools-adb                                            -
> Android Debug Bridge CLI tool
> i   android-tools-fastboot                                       -
> Android Fastboot protocol CLI tool
> i   android-tools-fsutils                                        -
> Android ext4 utilities with sparse support
> i   androidsdk-ddms                                              -
> Graphical debugging tool for Android
> i   androidsdk-hierarchyviewer                                   -
> Tool to debug and optimize Android user interface
> i   androidsdk-traceview                                         -
> Tool to profile performance of Android applications
> i   androidsdk-uiautomatorviewer                                 -
> Tool to scan and analyze the UI components of an Android application
> p   ibus-pinyin-db-android                                       -
> Pinyin engine for IBus - Android database
> i   libandroid-json-org-java                                     -
> androids rewrite of the evil licensed json.org
> p   libandroid-json-org-java-doc                                 -
> Documentation for androids rewrite of the evil licensed json.org
> i A libandroidsdk-common-java                                    -
> Android sdk tools common library
> i A libandroidsdk-ddmlib-java                                    -
> Library for communicaton with connected Android devices
> i   libandroidsdk-ddmuilib-java                                  -
> User interface library for ddmlib
> i A libandroidsdk-hierarchyviewerlib-java                        -
> Android Hierarchy Viewer library
> i   libandroidsdk-sdklib-java                                    -
> Android SDKlib
> i A libandroidsdk-sdkstats-java                                  -
> Sends Android SDK usage statistics to Google
> i A libandroidsdk-swtmenubar-java                                -
> Android SDK OS menubar hook library
> One of the most important bits (IMO) however, is not packaged is the
> android emulator and from whatever I have read about it, it seems to
> be something akin to qemu+modifications. If somebody would attempt to
> try it, I would point them out to jakub adam who's the maintainer and
> uploader  of most of the android-tools in Debian and Michael Tokarev
> who's responsible for qemu. There might be a possibility that some
> patches in qemu and a small binary is all it takes for android
> emulator to happen. The other possibility is that both
> android-emulator and qemu cannot be in the same system so the
> maintainer would have to put qemu in conflicts with the
> android-emulator and vice-versa.
> As shared, the above two persons would be probably be the best guides
> as to how to go about it. I would be pretty much be happy if we are
> able to get a recentish working android-emulator for the system.

Another reason would be this :-


To root the new phones, the android-emulator is needed it seems.
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