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can somebody step up to maintain gnome-panel ?

Hi all,
Just a user and not a developer. This would be a slightly longish one.

I have been an avid user of gnome-panel for a long time. In fact I had
re-formatted my earlier GNOME 3.8/3.10 installation which used bits
from unstable/experimental simply because of unavailability of the
functionality given by gnome-fallback and esp. gnome-panel.

This is my gnome-panel :-


Having all the icons and esp. gnome-netspeed is something in itself.

I read the above conversation in #debian-gnome :-

[00:20:40] <mbiebl> hm, gnome-panel and new libgweather is pretty much borked
[00:22:18] <mbiebl> jbicha: does gnome-panel 3.6 actually work in
Ubunt wrt gweather support?
[00:23:44] <mbiebl> do we have anyone here among the Debian
maintainers who still actively uses fallback mode?
[00:24:14] <jbicha> I don't
[00:25:25] <jbicha> I just needed gnome-session 3.8 for the new GNOME
Classic mode and didn't want to intentionally make flashback any worse
[00:28:59] <mbiebl> we should decide what to do about that
[00:29:13] <mbiebl> this isn't a good situation where gnome-panel
starts to bit rot
[00:41:51] <mbiebl> is anyone stepping up to keep gnome-panel etc.
alive and *working* ?
[00:41:55] <mbiebl> joss: ^

Now if somebody can step up it would be great otherwise I have tried
fbpanel, xfce4-panel, tint2 as well as things like docky and they are
good in the various window managers but gnome-panel has its own
special place.

I can live without the weather reports but not without gnome-panel.

Of course, if nobody does step up then the gnome-maintainers sooner
than later would have to let go of gnome-panel and we would all be a
little poorer.

The debian popcon does give some encouraging numbers of people who use
gnome-panel. It might not even register to people as lot of people
just take it as something granted.


So this is a call out for people who are willing to maintain it. There
is/was a shout out about gnome fallback/flashback about few months
ago. See :-


So if somebody wants to step up, this would be the right time.  If
somebody does step up and requires some help and mentoring, I'm sure
the debian-gnome team would help out. They have been extremely helpful
and do reply promptly even if some stupid queries are made to them
without getting obnoxious or rude so they would be pretty welcoming if
somebody adds to the team.

So looking forward for people who would like to contribute their time
to gnome-panel either as just co-maintaining with Jousellin Moutte in
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