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Re: Debian questionnaire

Hi Praveen,

Quoting Praveen A (2012-12-23 16:02:37)
> I have been doing packaging workshops for many years with small 
> success rate. I kept trying different methods but the biggest 
> challenge seems connecting with people continuously. I think we need 
> to provide different entry points to newbies and helping them complete 
> small tasks might go a long way. So my idea is to build a 
> questionnaire about debian and free software in general to assess what 
> people already know and assign them tasks accordingly. We can guide 
> people to teams based on people's interest too. If you are interested 
> in this excercise please reply here.

I notice above that you focus on what people _know_ but don't mention 
what they _like_.

What I find essential to hacking is "and itch to scratch" - i.e. that we 
are driven by what makes us tick.

Instead of assigning tasks, I help people frame their interests and 
correlate them with needs in Debian: I help them translate their 
interests into Debian potentials.

Then, when they better understand how they can get themselves "hooked" 
with Debian, I wait for them to return for more.

I fI don't hear from them again, I take it they found that they were not 
driven by their own passions.  I respect that, and believe it is good 
both for them and for Debian that they then find other playgrounds.

Hope that makes sense, and is of some use,

 - Jonas

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