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Re: Debian questionnaire

Praveen A said on Sun, Dec 23, 2012 at 08:32:37PM +0530,:

 > I have been doing packaging workshops for many years with small success
 > rate. I kept trying different methods 


 > but the biggest challenge seems connecting with people
 > continuously.

"connecting" means communications? Or something else? If it is
communication, are _they_ trying?

 > I think we need to provide different entry points to newbies

Means? Examples? 

 > and helping them complete small tasks might go a long way.

Looking at the profile who who have mentored so far, they seem to be
engineering graduates.

One thing I have always found absolutely essential for packaging is
sound of sys-admin skills. This comes _only_ with experience,
IMHO. How can anybody else help here?

 > So my idea is to build a questionnaire about debian and free
 > software in general to assess what people already know and assign
 > them tasks accordingly. We can guide people to teams based on
 > people's interest too. If you are interested in this excercise
 > please reply here.

If anybody needs assistance in any specific area, (s)he is free to
approach one of those umpteen lists, including, I guess, this one.
What is it that you perceive which cannot be solved through these

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